A Typical Day

It’s 8:10 am, and the day at Soundview begins with morning meeting. Every student and teacher gathers in the cafeteria for the brief time together that launches their school day. Head of School Mr. Hearn and students greet each other, announcements are made about clubs and athletic events planned for the day, then faculty, staff and students turn their attention to world and national events. Students are encouraged to introduce topics for discussion. The first 45-minute period of the day begins at 8:25. For Upper School students, first period might be a science lab, Calculus, Italian III or AP European History, while a Middle Schooler might head to Language Arts, Ancient History or Study Skills. Some have a study hall, and can be seen with books or laptops open catching up on assignments or studying for an exam. Four more periods follow before lunch.


At 12:20, classrooms empty as students stroll across campus and gather for lunch in the cafeteria. If the weather is fine, students and teachers have lunch outdoors beside the pond. A favorite Soundview privilege is to visit neighboring food establishments to buy lunch; other students prefer to bring lunch from home, or purchase a nutritious meal delivered to school via the lunch truck. Sometimes clubs meet during lunch: the Language Club, for instance, might be enjoying a Spanish or Italian lunch, while the Mock Trial team prepares its case over pizza. And unless it’s pouring (or snowing), the sounds of dribbling basketballs and touch football games echo across the lawn.

At 1:00, the campus is quiet again as students return to class for three more periods. At 3:20, the school day draws to a close, and students head for home or team practice.