Annual Talent Show

The annual Talent Show has become a tradition at Soundview Prep because the preparation and performance of the talent show ties into key elements of our educational philosophy.

The Talent Show gives students the opportunity to gain practical experience in the disciplines of self-expression and communication.  Students are trained in methods to make their words carry and be understood by the audience.  Facial expression, diction, enunciation, and body language all influence the way a person is perceived, and the Talent Show provides students with the opportunity to learn how to present themselves so that they can feel more confident with public speaking.

Rehearsals give our students the opportunity to develop and discover their talents.  Talent Show provides a forum for students who are interested in music and theatre a chance to refine their interests and share them with the larger community.  Students who are interested in script writing have a chance to test their abilities in a real setting, where an audience can experience and enjoy what they have written.

The experience of working together puts Soundview’s cooperative educational philosophy into practice.  Students learn to collaborate on the creative process.  We often find that students bond during rehearsals; new friendships form and existing friendships deepen.

Why a Talent Show...

  • It bonds the community together through an intensive, shared experience
  • Teaches working in collaboration with others
  • Provides practical experience in carrying a large project to its completion
  • Brings people together to interact with others they may not know well
  • Strengthens active talents and develops latent ones
  • Shows how to deal successfully with constructive criticism
  • Builds academic skills: composing, editing, memorizing, speaking
  • Allows for the experience of receiving praise and applause for work well done
In rehearsing the Talent Show, communication is the goal. We practice diction and enunciation; speaking one-at-a-time, without overlapping; clustering words and isolating phrases; eye contact; silence; body language; becoming and maintaining a character… and smiling when all else fails!

What our students say...

"My experience for the past 3 years with Talent Show has been positive. It brings you closer to other students and reveals their wonderful talents."
Deanna Bottomley ’16

“What I love most about the Talent Show is the bonding.”
Bryce Sawyer ’15

“Talent Show opened even a bigger part of me that I didn’t know I had.”
Sandler ’17

“Talent Show is a beautiful moment when people come together at random.”
HP Ruttenberg ’13

“This is my second year, and I think that Talent Show keeps getting better and better. I hope that everyone will love it!”
Natasha Sickenius ’17

“It is an incredible experience, and although rehearsing may be tedious, it is all worth it at the end.”
Ilias Fourati ’16

Talent Show 2013