Learning at Soundview

Soundview Preparatory School was founded on the philosophy that students flourish in a small, supportive, non-competitive learning community. Thus, we foster relationships among students and between students and faculty that help learners learn and teachers teach. We believe in and respect each student at Soundview, and students in turn are held to a high standard in both academic pursuits and personal conduct.

“The belief that educators must thoroughly know their students in order to teach them successfully is Soundview’s guiding principle,” says Head of School, W. Glyn Hearn. “This environment, in which knowing and nurturing are considered fundamental to the educational process, brings out the best in both teachers and students. With classes that average seven students, teachers have the opportunity to care for – and to make a difference for – every student.”

The rigorous college-preparatory curriculum includes the traditional core subjects—English, History, Math and Science – as well as four languages (Latin, French, Spanish and Italian); Studio Art; Music; and electives that vary from year to year (recent offerings have included History of Philosophy, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Astronomy, Journalism, Drama, Forensics and Human Anatomy and Physiology. AP courses are made available according to students’ interests and abilities.  In recent years these have included: Art, English, European History, US History, Government, Physics, Calculus, Biology, Computer Science and Psychology.

Technology is state-of-the-art at Soundview, with new hardware and software continually added in our computer lab and classrooms. HD televisions in every classroom facilitate learning, and students take advantage of our campus-wide wireless network to do research on the Internet and print from their laptop computers. Our website provides a current listing of assignments, and students can submit their completed homework via the Internet. Finally, every teacher and administrator is available by email.