Arts & Technology

Fine Arts

Students in Soundview Prep’s fine arts program have the opportunity to take Music and Visual Arts.  The program is an integral part of the school’s mission, allowing students to find their creative voices and also enhance the vitality and creativity of the community.

The music program at Soundview offers a unique and exciting opportunity for students to learn music by integrating music theory, history and ensemble experience together in a way not found in traditional music education settings.  Typically, all these elements are taught independently; as a result, students often miss the real way music is played, understood and appreciated.  In contrast, the Soundview program emphasizes lots of performance, which is fully informed by the theory, historical understanding and critical listening skills that are needed to develop intelligent and creative musicians.  For instance, what the students learn through listening and discussing in music history class and what they learn in theory class are immediately applied in their ensembles.  In this way, each musical element is no longer separated and disjointed, but rather learned in conjunction with how music actually works.  Students in music class learn a variety of instruments including electric guitar, bass, piano, drum set, percussion and voice, and each class forms a “band” that performs throughout the year at school events.  Through this integrated learning of all the elements of music, a strong sense of understanding, patience and teamwork is cultivated in all students, so that all students can reach their full potential.


Students in the Visual Arts program pursue creative projects in a variety of media, including drawing, painting, collage, printmaking and sculpture. Projects are intended to stimulate students’ creative imaginations, invention, metaphorical thinking and ability to experience the world with greater vitality and connection. The curriculum is designed to develop students’ sensitivity, perceptual skills, coordination and confidence in their expressive capabilities.  Methods of working include traditional and representational, such as still life, portraiture and landscape, as well as conceptual, abstract and imaginary approaches. Elements of visual language (space, shape, line, color, texture) are emphasized. Works from historical and contemporary artists are studied for guidance and inspiration, both at school and during field trips.


Soundview’s state-of-the-art technology is integrated into the curriculum. Teachers use multi-media presentations to facilitate learning, and bring classes to the computer lab for instruction. Faculty receive in-service training and are encouraged to attend technology-related conferences and classes. A high-speed fiberoptic network extends throughout the campus. Students are able to access the Internet for research and to print and automatically save projects using their own network accounts. They are encouraged to use the PCs in our computer lab, and students with laptops can take advantage of our wireless network to access the Internet and our network printers. Soundview’s website has a student/faculty intranet allowing teachers to post homework and worksheets, and for students to submit assignments.