Welcome from the Head of School Emeritus

Thank you for visiting Soundview Prep’s website. We hope that these pages offer you an accurate vision of the purpose, methods, and community of the School - though I believe that only through an actual visit to the School itself can someone fully appreciate what Soundview is.

Most guests comment upon the courtesy, friendliness, and good manners of the students. They see the sort of interchange made possible by our size. They see, too, the ways in which students are placed and responded to. They glimpse the possibilities in classes of ten or fewer. They notice the warmth of the general atmosphere.

Soundview is a carefully structured school with high academic and behavioral expectations but with a relaxed, congenial atmosphere, a quality made possible by an unusual commitment to minimizing, rather than stressing, a sense of competition among our students. While we recognize that students proceed from here into a world in which they must compete effectively, we are convinced that nurture is a crucial ingredient in building a successful competitor.

We strive to empower students to examine themselves honestly, to recognize their strengths and to acknowledge ways in which they need to grow. We include them in arriving at decisions, which entails making them aware that they have options in the process of reaching goals that they themselves validate. We make certain they know that they are heard and cared about and valued, that they are safe to be themselves. We avoid comparing students to each other or creating a sense that one person or group is somehow more acceptable than another. We promote a sense of acceptance.

The result is a school in which students can feel relaxed about themselves while working hard. They find this atmosphere a relief from the degree of academic and social competition they have experienced in other settings, and they respond with good will and humor and renewed commitment. School should be a place that students enjoy and one where they learn to face competition with self-esteem and self-confidence. Our aim is to instill those qualities while providing the academic foundation that allows students to pursue their individual goals in higher learning.

W. Glyn Hearn 
Head of School Emeritus