Soundview Changes Lives

What students – past and present – have to say about Soundview

"Finding Soundview was like heaven on earth!  Teachers really care about you, and stay late to help you.  Everyone fits in here -- there isn't a mean student here, everyone is nice!"  "Juliette Carey '13

"Soundview is a place where individuality is not just embraced, but encouraged. Discipline is forged, dreams are achieved and potential soars." 
Nick Lvoff '12

"There is a sense of community at Soundview that I never experienced at any other school. The teachers are supportive and always there for you when you need them.  The small classes allow students to get to know their teachers, and the teachers learn how better to help their students." 
Emily Robinson '12

"I love Soundview Prep because of the warm and loving environment.  Here at Soundview, we’re respectful of others and others are respectful of us.  I love Soundview because this school is different." 
Olivier Jean-Pierre '11

"Soundview promotes a non-competitive learning style without the constant pressures that public school forces on the student.  The small class size helps us develop close personal relationships with our teachers, which in turn encourages us to strive in academics." 
Tanner Lewis '11

"What sets Soundview apart is its unique character. Soundview will always have supportive, motivating teachers who care about the academic and social well-being of their students. A school that has just one of these teachers is a gem, a school full of them is a miracle." 
Matthew Pappalardo '11

"Rather than competing against each other, the students at Soundview work with each other for their mutual benefit."  Steven Bell '11

"The culture at Soundview is like none I’ve encountered – one of support and independence, of respect and informality, of personal attention and academic challenge. Mr. Hearn, Mrs. Ivanyi and these wonderful teachers have created the environment that many schools aspire to but can’t really deliver, and most parents who choose independent education envision for their children but never really find."

Susan Harris, Parent Class of 2010

"No one at Soundview ever said "You can't" even when I believed I couldn't. I think that taught me to believe in myself, to have confidence, and to at least give something a try, even if you fail. To this day, I think the fact that I went through high school, as confident and happy as any high school girl can be, means that to do this day, I'm comfortable being myself."

Rebecca Green '04

“What’s so wonderful about Soundview is that they look at the whole person. I love this place-I’m so glad I’m here!” 
Josh Raskin ’03

“I wanted a place where I could feel comfortable with who I am. The first day I visited, I knew Soundview was a place where you could always be yourself.” 
Melissa Newman ’03

“My years at Soundview gave me much more than an amazing education; they gave me an opportunity to grow into the person I have always wanted and deserved to be.” 
Samantha Fleischman ’98

“Soundview gives you not only an education but also a goal, a personality, and most of all, respect. It molds your character. It creates standards for you to live by.” 
Joe Greco ’94

“At Soundview, I could focus and thoroughly enjoy learning. I was excited about what I was learning and excelled. Soundview has opened many areas of learning for me, from biological studies to literature and creative writing.” 
Brian McKechnie ’93

“Soundview will always be special to me. It allowed me to grow as a person. I wouldn’t be as happy and successful in college without it.” 
Joel Thomas ’90

“Until Soundview, I thought school and fun were a contradiction in terms.” 
Sharon Gitterman ‘89